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Our process explained

Generally the path from your initial phone call through to the completion of your property will be:

  1. You contact us to make the initial enquiry
  2. We explain our process over the phone and ask you a few questions to be able to do some research on your property.
  3. Subject to how quickly you need to sell your property to release the money from it, we either come straight out to visit you (which can be in as little as an hour from your phone call) or if you have more time, we do some research and then come back to you with an idea of an offer price.
  4. If the offer is acceptable to you we send out a ‘Memorandum of sale’ to you, our solicitor and your solicitor (who either you or Henleys can appoint). This way, everybody concerned knows who is doing what.
  5. A valuation will be arranged and we carry out a survey on the property to make sure it is in sound order.
  6. During this time the solicitors will be carrying out their own legal work and sending documents to one another. Your solicitor will go through this with you prior to exchange of contracts to make sure you are happy with everything.
  7. Providing you are still happy to proceed, an ‘exchange of contracts’ date will be agreed and then contracts will be exchanged between solicitors. A date will be agreed for completion of the purchase which is when your existing mortgage will be paid off and the remainder will be sent to you.

The above process can take as little as 3 days in exceptional circumstances, but generally it takes around 14 days (or longer if you prefer).

If you require a fast advance cash payment, then we can quickly exchange contracts on the property and agree a completion date in the future when you would move out.

As you can see, this is a simple, flexible process with a huge speed advantage over traditional estate agent sales.

You're just 7 steps from completion!

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