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Frequently asked questions

Some of the most popular questions we get asked are listed below. If you have any other questions, do take a look at our 7 step quick home sale or use the contact form here.

We are a local company which only purchase properties in Staffordshire, Warwickshire & the West Midlands. We are here as and when you need us and can generally be at your home the same day.

Henleys do not tie you in to a contract, we simply ask you to agree that once we start spending money with our solicitors to obtain official documents that you do not pull out.

Since 1998, so we are a very professional and long-standing company (local tenant references available on request).

Yes, due to the amount of time Henleys have been in the property market they have carried out hundreds of transactions and still hold many of the properties of which are still rented out.

Generally you will receive around 80% of the market value, subject to the amount outstanding on your mortgage. However, in some circumstances we have been able to pay up to 90%, please feel free to ask for further details.

Henleys have managed to purchase properties in as little as 3 days. This was purely because the property was being repossessed in 3 days and usually it is within 14 days or in a timescale to suit you.

Yes, we do usually need at least a week, however we have previously stopped a repossession in 3 days.

Sale and rent back stopped many years ago, however there are various options available which can be discussed during the initial home consultation.

Yes, we can make cash advances if this is something that needs to be done prior to completion.

Henleys do actually buy your property, yes. There are many companies that say that they will buy your property for cash when actually they are just estate agents or property middle-men who will tie you to a Contract or a Lease Purchase. They then try to find a buyer for your property and take their commission from it. This can take from several months to a year or more, so please be aware of this.

The offer you receive will include any fees that are payable and there are no hidden charges or fees.

Yes, we will carry out a structural report to make sure that the building is in good condition.

Many underhand companies out there will give you a higher offer price initially to get you to go with them for the sale of your property. Beware of something that sounds too good to be true as it usually is! If somebody is offering you 95-100% of the value of your property, be very careful as this is not possible for an investor company like us to do. They will probably draw the process out until the time comes and then drastically reduce their offer price.

Either. Henleys can appoint a solicitor for you who will work for you and only you. They will not speak to us during the transaction and will only deal with our solicitor. Alternatively, you can appoint your own solicitor and Henleys will pay their costs.

You have read how we are better than the rest, why not get in touch?

Use the contact form to start a chat with us. We’ll offer you a price to quickly purchase your property.

Your house can be sold and cash deposited in your account in as little as 7 days from now!

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